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I am a toy rotator. Once upon a time I used to have everything in the kids rooms, out where they can play with it all the time and they would wander around bored, not bothering with any of their toys. And then other kids would come over and empty EVERY SINGLE box, tub, shelf and draw. And then I would put it all back. Then one day I realised this was crazy and I bought some big plastic tubs, packed up 80% of their toys and slid them into the laundry cupboards. I made it clear I wasn’t taking them away from them, that they were still able to play with them at any time, they just had to swap me a box first. Ahh the bliss. When everything was emptied out, it was only 20% of the mess it used to be. And I noticed the kids became more interested in their toys. It wasn’t overwhelming to look at so many toys anymore. They were able to find something they wanted, or they were inspired to play with something they had not played with for a long time. After a few weeks when they started to tire of some of the toys, I’d pack them away and switch the tub for one from the cupboards. It was so simple, and it really did work.


Amelia does like to play in her room, but she prefers to play out in the family room around us. To save a trail of toys scattering through the house she has a little cube shelf in the family room, and she has 6-8 toys out at a time. The rest are either packed away, or her favourites, like her prams and babies are in her room. I theme her shelf and change it around every two weeks. A few weeks ago we had a ‘family’ theme. We had books about mummy’s, daddy’s, siblings, people we love, babies, cubby houses etc. And I kept my littlest poppet (and her brothers who love to join in) busy with family orientated activities.


She washed her babies clothes (that used to be her own suits!), while I did ours…


We coloured in families, and stuck them onto string to make a garland, so we could hang them all up. (Or run around flying them like a kite)…

(yes I ended up doing most of the colouring on this one, while she told me what colours I had to use)


She lovingly tended to her baby and walked her around the garden in her pram until she slept, and prepared cups of strawberry tea for me…

And she dressed her magnetic dolls in all sorts of outfits, for all sorts of activities…

And just as the two weeks came to an end, she started to tire of her toys. Just in time for a switch to a ‘farmyard’ theme.



I was so excited to finally meet little Eden. I photographed Dani and Tor’s wedding last year, then their maternity session a few weeks ago, and this time I got to see them all again, and play with Maxx, but also have beautiful bubby cuddles with their newest little one, Eden.¬†

Sometimes, all I can do is sit and wonder how I got so lucky. It amazes me every day, that these three little people are mine. I created them (with a bit of help). They are part of me, but so very much their own selves at the same time. To have three beautiful, healthy, loving children really is a blessing beyond measure, and I am thankful for them always. I just hope I can be the mummy they deserve. x

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A beautifully relaxed, peaceful moment of perfection.

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I first met Alana when she was 3 weeks old, and it’s hard to believe she’s already 6 months old! What an adorable age six months is. Alana just recently celebrated her baptism, so her mummy and daddy wanted some photos of her in her special gown. Easily one of the most beautiful baptism gowns I have seen. The attention to detail is amazing. Such a beautiful heirloom to have in the family.

Alana is one very lucky little girl, blessed with beautiful parents and surrounded by loving friends and family who all cherish her. Tanja and Adam, thank you for bringing Alana back to see me, it was so lovely to catch up with you all again. Enjoy your sneak peek, I will have your full gallery ready for you very soon.
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Meet Sophie, Charlotte and their mummy Kait. Three happy, sweet and fun ladies.

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Mac and Lola have been in front of my camera a few times now, this time they bought their baby cousin Oliver with them. I have to say those amazing lips must run in their mummy’s side of the¬†family as Oliver has them too!

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Another little family I have known for a long time. I first met this beautiful family when Cayden was also a newborn. So lovely to watch them grow. Brydie is such a happy little girl and so protective of her little brother. Cayden such a gentle little soul, shy to start with, but we warmed him up.specialising in fine art pregnancy and newborn photography

I first met Jonty as a tiny, tiny newborn. I love being able to watch these little babies grow into beautiful little children.

Two of the sweetest little boys. Hugh, and his new baby brother James.

specialising in pregnancy and newborn fine art photography mornington peninsula melbourneThank you Natalie and Dean, I loved meeting you, it was a pleasure to spend the morning with you all.